“Underwater Museum” Project Submitted to Black Sea CBC Programme: A New Impulse to International Tourism in Maltepe

In cooperation with Maltepe District Governorship (Turkey), Varna Economic Development Agency (Bulgaria), Xanthi Chamber of Commerce (Greece), Odesa National Polytechnic University (Ukraine), Trakya University Health Museum (Turkey), “Underwater Museum” project has been submitted to receive 184.000 Euro grant from Black Sea Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) Programme. By means of this financial support, the project will collect […]

Traditional Child Games To Revive in Maltepe

Our project mainly targets at bringing traditional but, unfortunately, almost extinct child game rituals, rules, expressions, toys,  and tales to light by setting up an international children’s game village in association with field experts and well-known scholars from education and anthropology disciplines. An extended project report consisting 29 pages was presented in 2015 to the […]

A New Project Based on Psychosocial Development Model: Sports in the Face of Substance Abuse

In order to promote Maltepe youth to fight against substance abuse, Maltepe District Governorship developed a youth project by forming a broad cooperation network with Maltepe University Research and Application Centre for Street Children, Maltepe Directorate of Ministry of National Education, Societal Culture and Development Association, Maltepe Directorate of Ministry of Youth and Sports and […]

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